Published: 30 September 2012

An adaptive method for inertia force identification in in cantilever under moving mass

Qiang Chen1
Minzhuo Wang2
Hao Yan3
Haonan Ye4
Guolai Yang5
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The present study is concerned with the adaptive method based on wavelet transform to identify the inertia force between moving mass and cantilever. The basic model of cantilever is described and a classical identification method is introduced. Then the approximate equations about the model of cantilever can be obtained by the identification method. However, the order of modal adapted in the identification methods is usually constant which may make the identification results unsatisfied. As is known, the frequency of the highest order of modal is usually higher than the frequency of the input force in forward calculation methods. Therefore, wavelet transform is applied to decompose the data of deflection. The proportion of the low frequency component is chosen as the parameter of a binary function to decide the order of modal. The calculation results show that the adaptive method adapted in this paper is efficient to improve the accuracy of the inertia force between the moving mass and cantilever, and also the relationship between the proportion of low frequency component and the order of modal is indicated.

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inertia force
wavelet transform