Published: 30 September 2012

Dynamics of hybrid PM/EM electromagnetic valve in SI engines

Yaojung Shiao1
Ly Vinh Dat2
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Some previous studies demonstrated the advantages of electromagnetic valve train (EMV) for controlling variable valve timing (VVT) in SI engines. EMV allows valve timings and duration events are optimized in wide operating ranges. However, conventional EMV with solenoid actuator consumes a larger amount of energy in catching the valve at engine start and in keeping valve at open or closed position. A new EMV with hybrid permanent magnet and electromagnetic coil (PM/EM) has been proposed in this paper. An engine model with new EMV has been built to simulate the valve dynamics. Additionally, the effects of the flow gas resistance and damp coefficient have also been examined and analyzed. The results show that the new EMV can satisfy the valve dynamics in transition time, valve velocity, acceleration, energy consumption, etc. in controlling valve timing for SI engines.

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30 September 2012
electromagnetic valve train
cam-less engine
variable valve timing
valve dynamics