Published: 30 September 2012

Criteria of evaluating initial model for effective dynamic model updating

Qingguo Fei1
Jifeng Ding2
Xiaolin Han3
Dong Jiang4
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Finite element model updating is an important research field in structural dynamics. Though a variety of updating methods have been proposed in the past decades, all the methods could be effective only on the assumption that the initial finite element model is updatable. The assumption has led to the fact that many researchers study on how to update the model while little attention is paid to studies on whether the model is updatable. This has become inevitable obstacle between research and engineering applications because the assumption is not a tenable hypothesis in practice. To circumvent this problem, the evaluation of model updatability is studied in this paper. Firstly, two conditional statements about mapping are proved as a theoretical basis. Then, two criteria for evaluation of initial models are deduced. A beam is employed in the numerical simulations. Two different initial models for the beam are constructed with different boundary conditions. The models are evaluated using the proposed criteria. The results indicate that the criteria are able to distinguish the model updatability.

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30 September 2012
finite element model
dynamic model updating
initial model
evaluation criteria
numerical simulation