Published: 31 December 2012

Interface dynamics of table tennis

Yu-Fen Chen1
Te-Hua Fang2
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The purpose of this study was to discussed the Interface Dynamics of Table Tennis. The experiment was conducted based on the imaging principle of hot air flowing. We adopted the imaging principle of hot air flowing through rotating ball to simulate the flow phenomenon generated by air flowing through table tennis after striking by different rackets. The conclusion and suggestion after analyzing and discussing are described below: (1) The rotation of table tennis ball and flow field will change based on the roughness of rackets, which making its own contribution to the existence of changes in the rotation of table tennis ball. (2) It can learn that angle should forward 30 degrees with flat strike, 25 degrees with short particles and 20 degrees with long particles at the rotational speed of 7500 rpm. All flow fields of different rackets are similar.

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