Published: 31 December 2012

Dynamic evaluation of a mini train powered by the hybrid fuel cell

Bo-Wun Huang1
Der-Ren Hsiao2
Der-Fang Shiau3
Jung-Ge Tseng4
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Fuel cell system is widely used in the mobile devices and USA space program. This project studies the feasibility of powering a small train with a hybrid fuel cell system by employing electric power integration technology. Specifically, this study performs the dynamic tests on a mini train powered by Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). The original 12 V, 100 AH lead-acid battery, which can provide 12 V, 0.5 Hp for the locomotive and carry 9~12 people, is replaced by a hybrid Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. After an oval railroad and a low-pressure metal hydrogen storage canister recharging station are built, the mini train is tested on weekend and holidays at the outdoor park of National Science and Technology Museum, Taiwan. The dynamic performance of the PEMFC system is analyzed and the feasibility of applying this system to mini trains is evaluated. After one year of running, the mini train has been operated over 1,200 hours and has been transported over 30,000 passengers. The hybrid PEMFC system works perfectly and meets the original goal. Results also indicate that the temperature significantly affects system performance.

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