Published: 31 December 2012

Aeroacoustic noise reduction design of a landing gear structure based on wind tunnel experiment and simulation

Xue Caijun1
Zheng Guang2
Tang Wei3
Long Shuangli4
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In the process of aircraft landing, the aerodynamic noise of the landing gear constitutes an appreciable part of the airframe noise. Therefore it is important to dedicate research efforts to study of aerodynamic noise of landing gear and its structural parts. Acoustic wind tunnel test on landing gear is designed to measure aerodynamic noise of structural parts of landing gear such as pillar and torque arm. Aerodynamic noise spectrum characteristic and radiation directive characteristic of structural parts in different velocities are established. The effect of flow velocity to noise is analyzed. Two noise reduction designs are proposed in the paper. The effect of the relative position of pillar and torque arm to structural noise is considered based on simulations and testing. Simulation method to assess the noise reduction effect of torque arm shape modification is adopted. The results demonstrate that structural noise can be appreciably reduced by placing torque arm behind the pillar as well as by modifying the shape of the torque arm. In total, the study holds reference value to the ongoing research activities on aerodynamic noise of landing gear and design method for low noise operation of the gear.

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31 December 2012
acoustic measurement
computational aeroacoustics
landing gear structure noise
acoustic analogy