Published: 31 December 2012

Effects of friction in the system of vibration-isolation platform with gyroscopic stabilizer

J. Škoda1
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In the previous works the mathematical models of vibration-isolation platform with gyroscopic stabilizer did not count with a friction in the joints of precession and stabilizer frames and especially the friction in the correction system drive. The works about gyroscopic systems for indication and measuring purposes presumed and required very low friction which could be neglected. However the friction occurs in the mentioned cases and could not be neglected in our gyroscopic stabilizer system. In the paper will be introduced, discussed and evaluated the effects of friction on the system behavior. The evaluation of impacts of the friction on the system behavior is necessary for adaptation of correction and compensation controllers to reduce the negative effects of the friction as well as for possible choice of more suitable correction system drive. Some effects will be compared with the experimental results.

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