Published: 31 December 2012

Tribological evaluation of nano-composite coatings in piezoelectric contact

J. Padgurskas1
A. Kurtinaitis2
A. Žunda3
R. Rukuiža4
A. Andriušis5
A. Bubulis6
V. Jankauskas7
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Piezoelectric micro-engines (PEA) are used in precise positioning equipment in medical, measurement applications, space engineering etc. Tribological processes in the friction contacts of such actuators are very important because efficiency of PEA friction pairs is influenced by roughness and hardness of the surfaces. Studies indicate that friction pairs for the reliable constant operation of PEA could be developed when using surface materials of different roughness and hardness. These parameters could be controlled by application of metallic carbides and oxides as plasma coatings. The use of tribo-active materials can decrease volumetric wear of friction surfaces and increase the reliability of PEA.

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31 December 2012
piezoelectric actuators
plasma sprayed coatings