Published: 30 June 2007

Diagnostics of nano-particles on a surface and in volume of a solid body

A. Bogorosh1
S. Voronov2
S. Larkin3
N. Vishniakov4
D. Scekaturoviene5
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In this research work the results of change of In, Sn, Bi, Pb nano-layers melting temperature on a surface and in Al and Ge matrixes depending on thickness and interaction character of components by methods of electron microscopy and x-ray diffractometry are presented. Layered film systems Al-Me-Al, Ge-Me-Ge (Me = Pb, Sn, Bi, In) were the object of researches. The purpose of work was the research of the general law of noted systems melting depending on the specific size and conditions of their formation. Layered film systems prepared by consecutive condensation of components in vacuum and their evaporation from independent sources. The film microstructure before and after melting was investigated by method of electron microscopy. The structure and phase composition of film systems defined using x-ray diffractometry. Melting temperatures and specified eutectic temperatures for In, Sn, Bi and Pb binary systems with aluminium and germanium registered by differential method. It is shown, that for layered film systems Al-Me-Al, Ge-Me-Ge (Me = Sn, Bi, Pb, In) eutectic temperature decreases with reduction of thickness of Me film. The urgency of the work is caused due to necessity of understanding the physics of processes in nano-systems, and wide use nano-objects in modern technologies

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