Published: 31 December 2007

ERF valves controlled by plane capacitor electric field

R. Bansevicius1
J. A. Virbalis2
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Holes filled with electrorheological fluid (ERF) are used to form the Braille symbols or relief in Array Manipulators. Matrix of holes is made in the fabric-based copper laminate. Voltage applied to coppered upper and lower surfaces of the plate creates electric field, which controls ERF viscosity. Three methods to form a relief are investigated: (a) using an elastic membrane, covering the holes, (b) dielectric pins moving in the holes, (c) metallic pins moving in the holes. Electric field in a hole of the matrix was calculated as electric field in a hole of plane capacitor. In the case of metallic pins, the mean electric field near the electrodes is considerably stronger than in the case of dielectric pins. The controlling voltage can be decreased using multilayer copper laminate valves, composed of some fabric-based plates with opposite directions of electric field in neighbouring plates

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electrorheological fluid ERF
valve controlled by electric field
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