Published: 30 September 2008

Line scale Comparator Carriage vibrations during dynamic calibration

A. Kasparaitis1
V. Vekteris2
A. Kilikevicius3
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Oscillations of the comparator, which is used for the dynamic calibration of long optical line scales, are analyzed in the paper. The accuracy of determination of the position of optical lines on the scale depends on the velocity of the carriage, which transports the microscope with a CCD camera in relation to the line scale. Oscillations influence the velocity equability, its value, and at the same time the error compo measuring. The base part of the comparator is acted upon by external excitations which come through the foundation and supports, also due to natural frequencies of the comparator set. It is shown in the work that vibration surroundings acting on the comparator have a random character and correspond to the criteria of the normal (Gauss) distribution. It is proved experimentally that preaching amplitudes of measured components of vertical and horizontal oscillations influence the stability of the carriage movement which causes the error of measuring

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