Published: 30 September 2008

Evaluation method of muscle non-linear system’s electromechanical efficiency

M. Mariunas1
K. Daunoraviciene2
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Paper presents the method of evaluation of muscle efficiency characteristics. Previously presented criterions of muscle endurance are sustained by varieties of integral values of the muscle elongation and the muscle stiffness in the time–span. The dependency of variations of the muscle biosignal amplitude on loading time represents three extreme points which mark efficiency states of the muscle. The rate indicating muscular reaction to the loading size has been derived. Item, one more rate evaluating the muscular adaptation to a load has been obtained. This rate was expressed as the relation between amplitudes at the extreme points of the curve. According to the presented methodic the muscular efficiency could be explained by its working ranges – A, B and C, by setting bounds between them. Presented muscular stiffness expressions will be used for nonlinear dynamic model of the muscle

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30 September 2008
muscle efficiency
nonlinear dynamic system of muscle
muscular stiffness
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