Published: 31 December 2008

Estimating wood panels anisotropic properties by resonance vibrations method

J. Vobolis1
D. Albrektas2
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In this paper the transverse resonance vibrations of glued-up panels and particle boards are under investigation. The viscous elastic properties of these articles are evaluated based on the theory of resonance vibrations. The calculating methods of mechanical systems and elastic bodies with infinity degree of freedom and finite elements and accesses to apply for wood articles are considered. It is shown that through their structure some modes of rectangular wood panels accords modes of elastic isotropic beam and their theoretical calculations of beam vibrations can be applicable. Anisotropic properties of wood panels are evaluated. It was estimated that the resonance frequency in plane of panel by 5 % and width of band of amplitude – frequency characteristic – by two times can vary. The results are obtained by estimating the modulus of elasticity and the damping coefficient of wood panels

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31 December 2008
resonance vibrations
glued-up panel
particle board
modulus of elasticity
coefficient of damping
amplitude of vibrations