Published: 31 March 2009

Simulation of sticking of adhesive particles under normal impact

R. Jasevicius1
R. Kacianauskas2
Jürgen Tomas3
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Sticking of adhesive spherical particles under normal impact is investigated numerically by applying the Discrete Element Method. The nonlinear-dissipative contact model with adhesion is applied to model normal contact forces. Loading is described by elastic Hertz and elastic-plastic contact model with history-dependent adhesion. Damping is described by nonlinear Tsuji model. Adhesion limit is of linear character while particle detachment is of non-linear nature. Sticking and detachment behaviour for various damping values are considered in detail. Influence of the adhesion force for a wide range of particle sizes is illustrated by the variation of critical sticking velocity. Comparison of purely elastic with elastic-plastic behaviour is also presented

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12 January 2009
10 March 2009
31 March 2009
cohesive granular material
normal elastic-plastic contact
sticking and detachment
critical sticking velocity
discrete element method