Published: 31 March 2009

Analysis of piezomotor driver for laser beam deflection

V. Juska1
L. Svilainis2
V. Dumbrava3
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A mechanical laser beam deflection using piezoactuator is analyzed in the paper. Wide angular range was required therefore mechanical mirror positioning using a multilayer piezoceramics friction drive configuration was chosen. The paper reports on research results of the deflection system parameters. Dynamic and static motion parameters such as angular speed, breaking displacement, positioning repeatability and angular resolution have been analyzed. For this purpose the measurement equipment have been designed and manufactured. Analysis of breaking characteristics has revealed that breaking angular displacement is dependant on driving voltage. Conducted positioning repeatability experiments indicate that the relative error between steps was about 1 %. Analysis of the complex electrical impedance of the piezoactuator over frequency range under varying load conditions was conducted. The equipment for measurement of electrical parameters has been described. Experimental research results of the actuator complex impedance are presented

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15 January 2007
10 March 2007
31 March 2009
laser beam deflection
piezoactuator driver design
complex impedance
angular displacement measurement