Published: 31 December 2009

Fatigue stress resistance of some composite materials for dental fillings

J. Mystkowska1
A. Niewczas2
P. Kordos3
J. R. Dabrowski4
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The paper investigates fatigue stress resistance of some originally made composite materials based on Bis-GMA resin with fluoridated glass and YbF3. The material was used to fill in the cavities in teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons. For laboratory tests a mastication simulator was used. The tooth samples were placed in special holders with resin and exposed to cyclic mechanical loads (100 000 cycles) in order to assess their resistance to fatigue stress. The influence of repeatable mechanical loads on the teeth and the structure of the material were investigated. Additionally, the impact of cyclic loads on fluoride release from the composite materials was estimated

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fatigue stress
dental fillings
composite materials