Published: 31 March 2010

Vibrations generator with a motion converter based on permanent magnet interaction

K. Ragulskis1
K. Kanapeckas2
R. Jonusas3
K. Juzenas4
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The paper deals with a new type of vibrations exciters whose operation is based on the forces developed by permanent magnets interacting between input and output members. Classification and some diagrams of vibrations exciters are presented. Mathematical models of one-dimensional vibrations exciters are set up. In cases when mean velocities of the magnets of input member and output member are equal and when velocity of an output member magnet is lower than that of an input member, dynamics is studied by means of approximate analytic methods. More complicated cases are studied by means of numerical methods. Estimated dynamic characteristics of the system, its established peculiarities and properties make it possible to apply the mentioned exciters to some technological processes

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31 March 2010
magnetic vibrations exciters
dynamic characteristics