Published: 30 June 2011

Liquid flow rate measurement using the weighing method

G. Balciunas1
V. Augutis2
A. Meškuotiene3
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One of the methods of measurement of liquid flow rate is based on the measurement of the mass change over the unit of time. It allows to achieve high measurement precision of the moderate flow rate since the mass and the time can be evaluated with high precision. The problem arises when it is required to measure the instantaneous flow rate. It is caused mainly by the varying component of the force generated by the moving liquid. In this paper the approaches for solution of the mentioned problem are analyzed. The damper and the flow nozzle are proposed, which reduce the impact of the varying force component. Simultaneous application of signal processing resulted in relative uncertainty of the flow measurement that is less than 0,5 % under the flow rate of 1000 l/h.

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30 June 2011
liquid flow
weighing method
dynamic force measurement