Published: 31 March 2012

Diagnostic research of rotor systems with variable inertia moment

Valentinas Kartašovas1
Vytautas Barzdaitis2
Pranas Mažeika3
Marius Vasylius4
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The main reason of a breakdown for bearings, operating in rotor systems with dynamic loads, is rotor unbalance causing heavy loads especially during the rotational resonance speeds at run ups and coast downs when operation speed of a rotor system exceeds the resonance speed. Dynamic loads of rotor systems with rotor variable inertia moment affecting bearings, when the rotor‘s rotation speed is constant as well as during the run up and coast down periods, are significantly lower in comparison to instant inertia moment rotors. Experimental research of a flexible rotor with variable inertia moment performed by measuring rotor’s vibration displacements with proximity probes at large rotation speed interval exceeding resonance. The analysis of results allowed determining the optimal acceleration-deceleration modes and variable dynamic stiffness of rotating system. Experimental research has been carried out with an original rotor system testing facility and a high speed multi-channel vibration signal analyzer unit.

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31 March 2012
variable inertia moment rotor
vibration displacements
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