Published: 30 June 2012

Introduction to synthesis of the torsional vibrating discrete-continuous mechatronic systems by means of the hypergraphs and structural numbers method

Andrzej Buchacz1
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In this paper the modeling by a different category graphs and an analysis of vibrating clamped – free mechatronic system by the approximate method called Galerkin's method has been presented. The frequency - modal analysis and assignment of amplitude -frequency characteristics of the mechatronic system is considered. The aim was to nominate the relevance or irrelevance between the characteristics obtained by exact - only for shaft - and approximate method. Such formulation especially concerns the relevance of the natural frequencies - poles of characteristics both of mechanical subsystem and the discrete – continuous clamped – free vibrating mechatronic system. This approach is a fact, that approximate solutions fulfill all conditions for vibrating mechanical and/or mechatronic systems and can be an introduction to synthesis of these systems modeled by different category graphs. Using the hypergraph methods of modeling and synthesis methods of torsionally vibrating bars to the synthesis of discrete-continuous mechatronic systems is originality of such formulation of problems.

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30 June 2012
vibrating continuous-discrete mechatronic system
Galerkin’s method
graphs and structural numbers