Published: 31 December 2012

LED heat sink and graphite heat sink process technology development with vibration cooling fluid characteristics

Shie-Chen Yang1
Tsuo-Fei Mao2
Tzer-Ming Jeng3
Sheng-Chung Tzeng4
Tzung-Ying Shie5
Chih-Liang Chen6
Po-Tsun Chen7
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This study investigated the heat transfer characteristics of LED heat sink and the development process technology of graphite heat sink with micro-sized metal powders. Employing the reverse engineering technology, the three-dimension LED heat sink entity was rebuilt and the heat transfer characteristics of LED heat sink were analyzed by CFD numerical simulation and experimental measurement. The numerical results were validated with experimental results and it showed a good agreement. The experimental and simulation results showed that the heat dissipation of LED device could be removed by natural convection effectively. The difference between the maximum temperature and minimum temperature of cooling efficiency was 10 oC. For the process technology development of LED graphite heat sink, the graphite powder, metal powder and resin were mixed in specific ratios. The vacuum casting, vacuum pressure casting and rapid die technology were used to manufacture LED graphite heat sink. The experimental results showed that the LED graphite heat sinks developed in this study have advantages of low cost, light weight and attractive appearance as compared with the heat sink of aluminum alloy, and the overall heat transfer capacity is still within acceptable range.

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