The Journal of Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence in Engineering continues to provide valuable information to its readers. In the first issue of our 4th publication year, we have presented academic studies and industrial solutions. The topics covered in the last issue include increased efficiency through reducing losses in hydraulic systems, performance and control of semi-active cabinet systems, alignment of nano-composite ECG electrodes, air leak testing in closed systems, and risk assessment in process engineering.

The editorial selection focuses on the internal risk assessment of the entire process engineering consulting consortium based on GRA-TOPSIS-FMEA. This article presents a study based on the WBS-RBS risk identification in the entire engineering consulting process, offering the FMEA model to select key risk factors, effectively control risks, and support the smooth development of the entire process of the engineering consulting consortium. It serves as an excellent example of the industrial application of academic studies.

All the studies in the last issue address current topics discussed in the field of mechatronics and artificial intelligence. As the Journal of Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence in Engineering team, we value our readers' evaluations of the studies we have published. Moreover, any contribution we make to the literature and industrial applications will be a great honor for us.

Sezgin Ersoy
Prof. Sezgin Ersoy
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, Editor in Chief