Published: 30 June 2008

The fiber-optic non-contact piezomechanical nano-micro positioning, manipulating and measurement system

V. Kleiza1
J. Verkelis2
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A non-contact fiber-optical piezomechanical (FOP) nano-micropositioning, manipulating and measuring system has been developed and investigated. The system consists of a non-contact fiber one optopair reflection sensor with a semiconductor light source (light diode), a reflected light receiver with a p-i-n photo diode, an amplifier of electronic signals, and a positioning device, the resolution of which is 0.5 µm. The diameter of the fiber sensor measuring head is 3 mm and its length is 10 mm. The positioning device is fixed in front of a mirror. The diameter of fiber core is 100 µm and the external diameter is 125 µm (WF100/110/125P22). Fiber length may reach up to 200 m. The FOP system also has a piezoceramics positioning and manipulating system with a mirror. The piezoceramics system is fastened to the positioning device. The dependence of the fiber sensor signal U on the distance h to the mirror, located on piezoceramics, has been measured. The obtained U-h characteristic has a peak on two parts of linear dependence of an increasing and decreasing signal. Sensitivity of the U-h linear part in front of the peak is higher and equal to 1.6725 nW/nm, and that of the decreasing signal part is 1.388 nW/nm. These parts can be used for displacement indication and measurement

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Fiber-optic sensor
nanometric displacement measurement
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