Published: 30 June 2008

Identification of motion parameters from images produced by atomic force microscopy

E. Sakyte1
L. Saunoriene2
M. Ragulskis3
R. Maskeliunas4
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An experimental technique for analysis of pseudo-static oscillations of piezoelectric ceramics is presented in this paper. This technique is capable to detect both transverse and longitudinal oscillations and is based on the formation of observable grating modulated on the static surface of the scanned body. Mathematical and numerical models of the analyzed system comprising a scanning cantilever of atomic force microscope are presented in order to develop an experimental methodology to assess the frequency, transverse and longitudinal amplitudes of elliptic oscillations of the investigated systems

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24 March 2008
13 June 2008
30 June 2008
Atomic force microscopy
Digital image
Inverse problem