Published: 30 September 2008

Innovative mechanical systems with rotary piezomotor

L. Patašiene1
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Piezomotors can be classified according to their operating principles: traveling wave type and standing wave type motors. Matching of dynamic characteristics of traveling wave type piezomotors requires a special study for acquiring information about drive force, rotation velocity, etc. The type of generated waves (are they traveling waves) depends on the position of rotary piezomotors in respect to an elastic body. Analysis of traveling wave processes in ring actuators has indicated solution design operational area of piezomotors. In many cases it has proved to be more reasonable than usage of linear (rod) actuators. Rotary piezomotors with ring actuators are reliably connected to a rotor, thus ensuring the possibility of the accurate automatic control and increased torque

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traveling wave type
piezomotor ring actuators
holographic interferometry method